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  • Performance through Recovery


    Idea and Concept

    1. Are you performing what you can?
    2. Do you want to perform tomorrow?
    3. NAMBAYA, the performance tool that really gets you ahead
    4. Order your performance test!
    5. Take a 24-hour measurement
    6. Then our specialists will tell you what you can improve for a better performance


    1. High performers are people who have both high performance (work/output) and efficient regenerative capacity.
    2. Performance increases only take place when you move out of the comfort zone during the day (breathing and puls increase and HRV decreases) - and when you effectively regulate inflammation and release growth hormones during the night (at least 20% deep sleep phases), which are processed in dreams during the day (REM sleep) and restore the body's steady state.
    3. With the performance measurement all this and more can be displayed.
      • We can show you your current state of the cardiovascular system (HeartIQ).
      • We can determine the right training method for you (HRV Dynamics)


    What do you get from us after a 24 hour measurement?

    • Personal report about your performance via email
    • Our experts will design a program with you...
    • And then you can measure as often as you want per year
    • Your coach will discuss your results with you and adjust them accordingly, regularly or upon request
    • In our shop you will find more products to improve your performance
    • We will also tell you if you need to consult with your doctor, because there may be a medical problem 
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