3. Sleep Analysis

Sleep quality is one of the most important health factors for the body to recover physically and mentally.

We sleep in phases and it would be optimal to have five phases per night.

Each sleep phase lasts about 90 minutes.

REM Phase: Here man dreams and his memory builds up. 20 to 25 % of sleep should be REM. At the beginning of the night you have fewer REM phases at the end of the night more.

N1 and N2 is the hovering state when you fall asleep. The body calms down, pulse and breathing become more even. The muscles relax. At N2 relaxation increases and heartbeat and breathing slow down further.

N3 is the deep sleep phase. You lie motionless and absolutely deeply relaxed in bed. The heart and respiration work synchronously and growth hormones are released, which, among other things, strengthens the immune system. The impressions of the past day are processed. The body recovers in this important phase of the sleep cycle.

If one does not have enough N3 sleep for a longer period of time, this can lead to further illnesses.

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